Gorgeous Gold


Gorgeous Gold

A rare and precious element, gold has always been a sign of wealth. Gold coins were used as currency and gold as an adornment for churches and palaces and the homes of the rich. Now with "bling culture" gold is fashionable and timeless again and a great material finish to frame your precious art or photography.

Throughout the ages, people have always been fascinated by gold.  It doesn't rust, can be easily worked and has that wonderful shiney appearance.

The ancient Egyptions used gold extensively, they used it to barter and it played an important role in mythology.  Gold was prized by pharaohs and temple priests and the capstones on the pyramids of Giza were made of solid gold!  The Egyptions also knew that silver was less valuable, trading one piece of gold for two and a half pieces of silver.

Since the ancient Greeks, Gold has been a social status symbol Gold has played a large part in fashion, with cloth made of gold imported from Italy and being worn by the royalty of Europe, which was the height of luxury between the 14th and 17th century.

Here are some facts about gold:

  • Around 161,000 tons of gold have been mined by humans
  • The word "gold" comes from the old English word "geolu" meaning yellow
  • Gold can be found beneath the earth on all seven of it's continents
  • There is more steel created per hour than there has been gold dug up throughout history

In the twentieth century, Bling culture originating from hip hop became popular, introducing flashy and elaborate jewellery or accessories often made of gold.  Bling is about attracting attention because it is very noticeable and looks expensive.

Ornamental borders have been used around art works for over four thousand years. These later evolved to become what we now know as picture frames.

The first carved picture frames are believed to go back to the twelth and thirteenth century in Europe, with gold leaf being used for decoration and adornment going back thousands of years.

The Renaissance saw frames becoming elaborate works of art, incorporating gems, mosaics and gold.  Frames contained deities with radiating rays of gold extended from the focal point of the art work to the exterior of the frame, symbolizing the power of heaven and God.  Royals starting commissioning works of art for their residences.

Vincent Van Gogh is thought to have said "A picture without a frame, is like a soul without a body."

Gold is perfect for showing off your art and photography.  Gold picture frames really add a touch of class to your artwork or photography whether you want an antique style or a clean, modern picture frame.
Gold is suitable for various styles of picture frames from swept frames, frisco frames and even the budget gold frames.

We have a range of stunning gold picture frames that will really set off your artwork or photography.
Here are some of our favourites:

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