25mm Ash Box Frame

Frame Height - 40mm
Frame Width - 21mm

The frame is assembled from a solid ash moulding with a white spacer and mountboard inside. The frame is 25mm deep between the board and glass to give maximum mounting space within the frame whilst providing the highest quality finish.

Can be free standing or wall mounted.

All sizes quoted below are for the glass size.

The white spacers reduce the length and width of the mountable area by approx 18mm.


Q. Why do your prices exclude VAT ?
A. We are primarily a trade supplier so all prices exclude vat. We do however sell direct to the public and vat will be automatically added to the shopping cart.

Q. Why do you have a minimum order ? 
A. As a trade supplier, we keep costs as low as possible and subsidise packaging and shipping charges for our trade customers. We are still happy to supply individuals with frames at trade prices but are unable to subsidise the packaging costs on small orders.

Q. Do you offer credit accounts ?
A. No, to keep costs to a minimum, payment is due at time of ordering via debit or credit card.

Q. Do you offer Discounts ?
A. No, all our prices are trade prices. We do not have any minimum orders to help our customers manage stock levels easier.

Q. What size do I need to order ?
A. The frame sizes are the glass or tile size, this does not include the size of the wooden frame around the glass.

Q. How do I mount an item in a box frame ?
A. There are flexi tabs at the back of the frame to remove the back panel, the object can then be fastened to the backboard via glue, silicone or by wire. The board is then refitted and tabs hold it in place.

Q. How do I fit the tile to a tile frame ?
A. The tile is glued into the frame using a strong glue or silicone.

Q. How quickly can I get my order ?
A. Frames are manufactured to order and are usually dispatched within 2 weeks of receiving order.


For delivery information, please see our Delivery page here

25mm Ash
Box Frame

Size Code Price Quantity
6" X 6" ASHBF66 £24.13
8" X 6" ASHBF86 £27.61
7" X 7" ASHBF77 £27.68
9" X 7" ASHBF97 £31.28
8" X 8" ASHBF88 £31.35
10" X 8" ASHBF108 £35.11
9" X 9" ASHBF99 £35.18
12" X 8" ASHBF128 £38.85
10" X 10" ASHBF1010 £39.14
14" X 8" ASHBF148 £42.61
12" X 10" ASHBF1210 £43.16
16" X 8" ASHBF168 £46.38
14" X 10" ASHBF1410 £47.19
12" X 12" ASHBF1212 £47.45
18" X 8" ASHBF188 £50.12
14" X 12" ASHBF1412 £51.74
16" X 12' ASHBF1612 £56.06
16" X 14" ASHBF1614 £60.90


- 5% £300 (Save 5%)
- 10% £500 (Save 10%)
- 15% £1000 (Save 15% + FREE Delivery)
OFFERS £300 (Save 5%)


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