Double Bevelled Cut Mount in Pale Ivory
  • Our bevel cut mounts are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours and are suitable for a variety of uses.
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • Each mount comes complete with acetate bag.
  • All mounts are sold in packs of 10 per size per style.
  • All packs have bar codes.
  • Please note that this product is a cardboard mount to go inside a frame
  • Please note that the standard outer colour of this mount is ivory but an alternative colour can be specified if required
  • If you require an alternative aperture size in your mounts please state this in the delivery instructions at the checkout (all 10 in the pack must be the same size)
  • Please note that this product is non-returnable
  • 3-5 Day delivery

How do I order?
We are happy to accept orders by e-mail, fax, telephone, or online. We prefer Telephone orders so that we can ensure we know exactly what is needed.

How do I pay?
ayment can be made Online, by Credit or Debit card over the telephone and by Cheque. We now also offer the facility to make payment by PayPal Money Request by email. You do not need a PayPal account to pay this way.

Retention of Information
No information whatsoever is ever passed to third parties. All Debit and Credit card details are destroyed after transactions are made.

Online Orders 
When you make an online order, no card details are entered or stored on this system and when payment is ready to be taken you will be forwarded to a secure Paypal server to enter your details to make the purchase.

Please note: It is not necessary to open an account in order to make a purchase but doing so will enable us to send you any offers in future that we feel may be of interest.

What Mount Board do you use?
Our Mount board supplier is Daler Rowney. We offer 2 types of board, Cream Core and White core board. Both are 1.4mm thick

What is the difference between Cream Core and White Core board?
The difference between Cream core board and White core board is the type of board used, which is exposed on the bevel edge of the mounts.

This is where the aperture is cut. It does not refer to the colour of the board itself. Cream core board is off white/cream in colour. Over time, that core colour on the bevel edge discolours, due to exposure to sun light. Typically, this can take 5 to 15 years. White core board is white in colour. This does not discolour overtime and typically has a 300 year shelf life. This explains the price difference between the two products.

Do your mounts have bevel edges?
All the mounts that we offer come with bevel edges, except the Strut mounts and Photo Folder Mounts

What is Backing Board?
Backing Board is used to strengthen the mount and finish the product, hiding the masking tape at the back. As standard, we use our cream core mount board as backing. The colour of the board is usually Pale Ivory or Snow white. We are also able to offer alternative backing boards. For descriptions and prices, see our Backing Board page and table.

What is a bag? 
A bag is a plastic self-seal bag that is used to protect the mounted product, specifically when for sale in a shop/supermarket/fair environment.

How long is delivery time? 
Delivery can take up to 5 working days January to September and 7 working days October to December.

What can I order? 
An order can be made up of any or all of our products. The order must be over £20.00 before carriage and VAT to the UK and £50.00 to The Republic of Ireland. If choosing cream core mounts, you can order any number, of any size, in any colour offered in our Imperial (inch

sizes) range. For our metric sizes in cream core, and all other products, mounts need to be ordered in pack sizes.

Is the size exact?
All our mounts have an image size that is 3mm smaller all the way round. For example our 20x16 mount with an image size of 16x12 is actually 20x16 with an image size 15.75 x 11.75. For slip mounts this is a 5mm smaller aperture, not 3mm.

Do your slip mounts stand up? 
Our slip mounts are designed to drop in to standard frame sizes but do not stand up. They are available in any of our colours.

Do prices include VAT and carriage?
Prices do not include VAT and carriage.


For delivery information, please see our Delivery page here


Size Code Price Quantity
4" x 6" (A6) / 3" x 5" Aperture dmntpl46 £1.60
5" x 5" / 3" x 3" Aperture dmntpl55 £1.60
5" x 7" / 3.5" x 5" Aperture dmntpl57 £1.74
6" x 8" (A5) / 4" x 6" Aperture dmntpl68 £1.82
8" x 8" / 5" x 5" Aperture dmntpl88 £1.89
7" x 9" / 5" x 7" Aperture dmntpl79 £1.96
8" x 10" / 6" x 8" Aperture dmntpl81 £2.26
10" x 10" / 8" x 8" Aperture dmnt10 £2.40
8.25" x 11.75" (A4) / 6" x 9" Aperture dmntplA4 £2.54
10" x 12" / 8" x 10" Aperture dmntpl12 £2.68
11" x 14" / A4 Aperture dmntpl14 £2.90
16" x 20" / 12" x 16" Aperture dmntpl1620 £4.79


- 5% £300 (Save 5%)
- 10% £500 (Save 10%)
- 15% £1000 (Save 15% + FREE Delivery)
OFFERS £300 (Save 5%)


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